I like to take photos of the dirt I get out of things that look clean but really aren't (carpets, shelves, etc.). My phone is filled with images of filthy water in the steam cleaner, piles of dirt and cat hair liberated from a vacuum bag, and gray towel water after "laundry stripping."

In the early 2000s, I founded an organization called Creative Professionals for Animal Welfare (creativePAW) that had a network of over 1,000 volunteers. One of our volunteers developed this Tshirt design for a spay and neuter clinic.

Balls are for chasing.png

I earned a brown belt in karate and kobudo (weapons).

When I was 7, my bowling team was awarded a "last place trophy" at a competition. I buried it in the backyard. No one cared about self-esteem back then.

I can understand bits of languages I never studied by extrapolating from the languages I have studied. (Once surprised a source during an interview by being able to read a Norwegian newspaper headline.)

Favorite movie: The Lego Movie. Runner-up: Zoolander.

Favorite game: Bohnanza. Runners-up: The Game and The Mind.

I purchased and learned Illustrator just to create a card for a fan art version of Bohnanza.


When my husband and I volunteered at feral cat spay/neuter clinics, my husband was the "cat raker"; he used a big tined instrument to mash the cat against the cage wall so another volunteer could inject it with anesthetic. My job was to squeeze gel into the eyes of the unconscious cats, weigh them, and write their number in their ear with a Sharpie.

I sometimes develop new recipes for gluten-free baked goods and sell the goodies on Nextdoor. (Just for fun; I probably make like $15 per day.)

This is funny:

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