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To prove a point about the quality of AI writing and art, I started creating the world's worst greeting cards, made with 100% AI. I use ChatGPT to generate the message, then use the AI-created message as the inspiration for prompts in various free AI image generators. I choose from the first set of images they spit out, meaning I don't go out of my way to make them awful.


(The prompts are listed inside the card so you can see what I wrote along with what the AI created. I have been told that my prompts are too simple, and have indeed heard that writers are being told to pivot to writing AI prompts because it's not that easy. But what's the point of firing pros in favor of AI if you now have to not only magically gain an understanding of what makes good writing/art, but also know how to cajole an AI into creating it?)

The results have been...odd. Which would be fabulous if a creator wanted odd, I guess—but as a former professional writer, I know that if I turned out any of this copy based on the prompts given, I wouldn't have lasted over two decades in the field. I wouldn't have lasted one year!

Anyway: The so-bad-they're-good images and text have gone over so well with friends and family, I decided to post them here.

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