Linda Formichelli, Raleigh Actor

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I got into acting by accident.


My son spent some time as an actor (see his IMDb).


Due to COVID, casting directors are now often looking for entire families that can be filmed together. I had so much fun auditioning with my son—and being able to watch him on a real movie set when he had a small role in The Black Phone starring Ethan Hawke—that I approached his agent about taking me on. They did.

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Linda is a fun, approachable actor in Raleigh. In her former lives she's been a published author, magazine writer, and personal trainer. A trained linguist with a masters degree in Russian — and experience studying seven other languages, from German to Serbo-Croatian — Linda is adept at learning and using national and regional accents. Linda has also practiced Tai Chi and earned brown belts in karate and kobudo (bo, sai, tonfa).

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Comedic Sample

Dramatic Sample



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