I got into acting by accident.


My son is an actor (see his IMDb). Due to COVID, casting directors are now often looking for entire families that can be filmed together.

I had so much fun auditioning with my son—and being able to watch him on a real movie set when he had a small role in The Black Phone starring Ethan Hawke—that I approached his agent about taking me on. They did.

(I'm still upset that we didn't land the Food Lion commercial. I thought I nailed the look, including the instructions to "think Walmart, not Target, when choosing your outfit.")

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Linda is a fun, approachable actor in Raleigh. In her former lives she's been a published author, magazine writer, and personal trainer. A trained linguist with a masters degree in Russian — and experience studying seven other languages, from German to Serbo-Croatian — Linda is adept at learning and using national and regional accents. Linda has also practiced Tai Chi and earned brown belts in karate and kobudo (bo, sai, tonfa).